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Default Re: Resetting projected finish dates

Originally Posted by Kevin
What do I set RollingStartTime and Rolling Average equal to in local.ini to reset the projected finish dates? It always gets screwed up after I run Prime95 as a back-up to some other project.
If you had Prime95 running as a backup to something else, and are going to be running it as the primary now, it would be reasonable to reset it. You don't need to muck with the RollingStartTime. Exit Prime95 (don't just stop it, you have to completely exit). If the machine is going to never be doing anything but Prime95, set RollingAverage to 1000. If it stays on all the time, but you do stuff on the machine, use a value like 800. If it is on for 12 hours a day, try 500. Prime95 will then make finer adjustments after that based on how much work Prime95 actually gets. Restart Prime95 after saving the file.
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