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Originally Posted by S485122 View Post
I think that benchmark for the i9-10920X comes from my computer. It was submitted while the OS was Windows 7 which implies no support for Intel processors after the 6th generation and especially no AVX-512 as is revealed by the available features on the benchmark.

At the moment on 2800K FFTs the timing for one worker twelve cores is 0,9 ms/iteration. The CPU is under-clocked (no turbo and a power cap of 140 W instead of 165 W to keep the noise low, the temperature below 55 °C and the power usage reasonable at the same time.)

I didn't act on the fact that that benchmark had been uploaded : I was busy installing Windows 10 and trying to make the interface more ergonomic and also to close the data leaks (as far as possible :´-(

I just marked the benchmark as suspect.

I'm unaware how the benchmark database works... does this mean that there will be a new benchmark for i9-10920X soon?
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