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Originally Posted by mackerel View Post
10920X is more complicated. It has 19.25MB of L3 cache, but through observation it seems applicable to also count the non-inclusive L2 cache of 1MB/core, for a total effective 31.25MB. It should do well for most tasks, combined with its quad channel ram support. The single benchmark linked seems unremarkable, but we don't know how it was configured. A drawback of AVX-512 is that while it can provide massive throughput, it also takes massive power while doing so. Clocks tend to run lower while it is in operation, which offsets the gains. My 7920X runs around 2.9 GHz for this type of work.
I think that benchmark for the i9-10920X comes from my computer. It was submitted while the OS was Windows 7 which implies no support for Intel processors after the 6th generation and especially no AVX-512 as is revealed by the available features on the benchmark.

At the moment on 2800K FFTs the timing for one worker twelve cores is 0,9 ms/iteration. The CPU is under-clocked (no turbo and a power cap of 140 W instead of 165 W to keep the noise low, the temperature below 55 °C and the power usage reasonable at the same time.)

I didn't act on the fact that that benchmark had been uploaded : I was busy installing Windows 10 and trying to make the interface more ergonomic and also to close the data leaks (as far as possible :´-(

I just marked the benchmark as suspect.

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