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Default Run time scaling from Thorken's posts

Originally Posted by pinhodecarlos View Post
I thought your second language learnt at school was Spanish.
German. Before PCs were a thing. Just a touch of Spanish for travel purposes (please, thank you, where is the bathroom, etc)

~p2.45, about a century for M(82859933) from a very long extrapolation made from only 3 data points and limited precision.

What I've seen for other codes range from 2.03 up. 2+ is the minimum, One for iteration count, one for operand size, plus a bit of change for fewer bits/word in the fft transform at larger sizes. Or n * n log n log log n. CUDALucas 2.094, prime95 2.094.

(Folks in the know, don't take that as talking down to you. It's for those looking up at the learning curve still ahead.)

Instead, I suggest posting your code.
Meaning, source code.
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