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Default Googol spelling

Just to pick up on the original post,

google is the name of a search engine and/or portal site

The verb "to google" is now in some dictionaries as meaning to research using online means including aforementioned search engine. eg to google a date would be to investigate the background of someone you intended dating before meeting them. eg. their workplace, credit rating, whatever else you may find.

A GOOGOL is a big number = 10^100 which is what you meant to say.

The explanation there also describes a googolhedron. LOL.

Please be careful not to confuse the two or might sue you for trademark infringement (they have in the past). Interestingly, although they were opposed, their trademark does not extend to the now common verb use of the same word. ie to google.

Similarly, maybe in future, a verb "to Microsoft" someone might be defined as to take advantage of a monopoly situation to lock customers into exhorbitant fees and lock out competitors by proprietory standards, poor security, and buying or suing them. (or any combination of the above). The word is already synonymous with the above practices in the minds of many.

Of course this is not yet in the dictionary so I won't use the term in case I'm accused of libel :-)
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