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So, if I might further impose on you, could you perhaps enlighten me as to which projects are "more important," or "more promising" than others? I'm sure that the answer varies greatly based on who you ask, and please realize that I respect all the people who have devoted time, energy, and resources to developing these projects as well as those who participate in the projects. What I am really trying to understand is which projects, if any, are more likely than others to produce a tangible benefit by way of new or improved machines or products or advance the understanding of mathematics in a meaningful way? I am not sure if some projects are simply looking for interesting numbers of a certain form just to have more numbers, somewhat like collecting shot glasses from different states or countries just because you like them, but not expecting them to ever lead to anything more than some good memories of all the vacations you took.

If anyone would also care to comment on risk vs. reward, such as that the Operation Billion Digits is a huge computational risk, given the low likelihood of success, but would represent a tremendous advancement should such a number be found, that'd be interesting as well.

Again, I appreciate your thoughts.
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