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Originally Posted by Graff View Post
Thanks. That worked. My GPU is functioning again. The installed driver
is now 304.64, which is older than the 310.19 I was running earlier. But
I guess that isn't a problem.
I assume I'll need to do all three commands after each kernel "upgrade"?

Not quite.

`sudo apt-get upgrade` will tell your package manager to update all the packages on your system.

If you're in Ubuntu (I'm guessing you are) then the graphical interface is called "Update Manager". Any updates to the kernel, drivers, or anything else, will be handled by the Update Manager. Since the drivers are now managed by the package system, you shouldn't need to do anything at all after any kernel upgrades, since those are also handled by the package manager. Any updates to the driver itself will appear on the list of packages that need updating, whenever the Update Manager pops up like that.

In other (simpler) words, the drivers are now a part of the same system that updates the kernel, and all other installed packages on your system. It will make sure that all packages work after any updates.
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