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Thumbs up simple algebra.

Originally Posted by retina View Post
I am amazed how this simple algebra would bowl you over and yet you say you managed to solve Beals conjecture! &

Well Retina amazing isn't it ? That one numerical example I gave the forum is enough. And that's without a comp, just my scientific calculator

But thats merely the tip of the iceberg, pal! It is only an offshoot of my Beth Theorem. With it I can give an infinite number of examples. You have the integers and I have the equations.

There is a saying among mathematicians that one can only reach his peak in the twenties. After that one starts going down hill. You can now add that there are exceptions to this rule.

Well it is said "genius is 1 % inspiration, 99 % persperation" True! very true!

It all depends what you do with the 1% inspiration !

Its all a matter of attitude.

Here is a saying I couldn't find on the Net.

Two men looked out of prison bars,
One saw the earth below,
The other the stars.

BTW: My inspiration is from the Holy Spirit of God.


P.S. I have just come across Xyzzy's post in "A simple question' (?)

I think thats the best answer to you

"To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge". - B. Disraeli

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