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I've got a few plans that I'm thinking up for college now, which mostly cover where I'll be applying and a backup in case I need to show colleges better grades (take a gap year/spend a bit of time at a CC). Other than what I'm actually interested in, what else should I think/worry about?

Edit: Oh yeah, forgot about this very official-looking letter I got in the mail from the NSHSS, which looks suspiciously like the NHS, congratulating me on my "exemplary acheivement" this past year... they clearly didn't look at my report card Their requirements are a 3.5 GPA or a 26 on the ACT. In any case, it seems to be a honor society-wannabe focused on turning a profit; their membership fee is $75 compared to the NHS's ~$10. And even though they claim to award $2 million or so in scholarships, a bit of research on their membership numbers shows that they at least get $5-6 million from fees alone...

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