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Originally Posted by alpertron View Post
I started Firefox 70.0.1 on Windows 10, entered .4-1 so it showed x^4-1 in the polynomial box, then I pressed the Factor button. The output with Pretty Print disabled is:

x^4 − 1

Irreducible polynomial factors:

    x − 1
    x + 1
    x^2 + 1


    x1 = 1
    x2 = -1
    x3 = - 1 *i
    x4 = 1 *i

Time elapsed: 0d 0h 0m 0.0s
I do not have that NoScript plugin.
Part of it is that missing leading . in my input - suggest you add some kind of basic user-input parsing which indicates unrecognized input format, and only activates the buttons when the input is 'legal'. I retried with .4-1, it indeed auto-filled x^4-1 in the entry field, but clicking 'factor' still gives same as before, both 'evaluate' and 'factor' widgets go gray, and things hang until I click 'stop'. This is FF on Mac - I suspect you have some Windows-only stuff going on in your JS. Do you have ready access to a non-Win machine?
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