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Originally Posted by vaughan View Post
What now? There seems to be zilch on 9000 and 7000; and the 3500 tasks take too long.
Zilch on 9000?? There's plenty on both PRPnet ports 2000 and 9000. See the port 9000 status page at There are over 46000 pairs yet to be completed. Are you having problems connecting to it? You have many pairs assigned to you that are from 20 to 60 hours old as of this posting. Like I said yesterday, I did increase the expiration time to 72 hours on that port so it is the same as port 2000 now.

Port 3500 is the only LLRnet port left on the project. After those 6 k's are complete to n=2M, we'll probably load another 6 k's in there for n=1M-2M so the tests will be shorter for a period of time. We'll probably hang on to that port for a while for our folks who like longer tests and LLRnet.

Regardless, our rally on port 2000 starts in < 2 days. I'd suggest beginning to move some machines there. The tests are almost identical in length to the port 9000 tests (actually just slightly shorter).

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