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Default Catastrophic hardware failure

I'm sure this is everyone's worst nightmare, but here goes...

This morning, I arrived at my workplace to find my workstation had shut down. Not thinking anything much of that, apart from minor inconvenience of having lost some prime number search time, I discovered to my horror that it wouldn't boot... keyboard didn't activate, monitors didn't get a signal, and after about a minute, one of the cooling fans started to sound like a jet engine. Initially I thought that Prime95 had somehow caused the CPU to burn out, but upon some diagnostics with the in-house support team, we found that the PSU had failed and the fact that I was running a prime number checker was just a coincidence. Everything else in the computer still works, but they can't simply replace the bust PSU due to 'warranty'.

In the meantime I have been given a temporary replacement machine (annoyingly, less powerful than my original workstation), but I did request that I may want to read the hard drive of my old computer (to recover the progress made by Prime95, since one of the tests was a 100-million digit test that had been running for over 100 days), although I'm not sure if I'll be able to get access to that hard drive again. If worst comes to the worst, would those tests have to be started again from scratch or can they be partly recovered (I don't know if partial residues are ever sent to the server)?
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