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Originally Posted by MyDogBuster View Post
Okay by me. You can use my private PRPNET - port 1468. Max may have to jiggle some things to show that on the PRPNET status page.
OK, I have port 1468 cleaned out and ready to go. Candidates are prepared but have not yet been loaded. I've contacted Dave about behind-the-scenes stats stuff and Max about updating the status page. I've already heard back from Dave. It may be a while before I hear from Max but we can go without the status page update for a short period of time. I'll wait 3-4 days after Dave says he is ready before loading anything and making the official announcement.

Ian, in the mean time, would you mind making port 7000 more of a priority for your LLRnet clients? I will delete all pairs n>1575000 in a little while. I'm just trying to get it mostly cleaned out so there's not much of a gap. Thanks.

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