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Okay, I've got a somewhat more exact time frame for my vacation now. I'll be leaving late afternoon/evening on Monday, June 29, and returning in the late evening on Saturday, July 4.

Meanwhile, as far as things breaking during my absence: I'm pretty sure that everything will be okay. The worst that could possibly happen is for something to break with the LLRnet/PRPnet servers on Gary's machines, and in most situations Gary would be able to get those back online quite easily. If any of you guys currently on the GB servers want to play it extra cautious, feel free to switch over to IB servers while I'm away. IB4000 and IB5000 are loaded with very similar work to that in G4000, and IB9000 is loaded somewhat similarly to IB8000. The PRPnet servers have no direct analogue on the IB servers, but I don't think anyone but me is on those right now anyway. (Besides, PRPnet can automatically fall back to a secondary server if its primary one goes down.)

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