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Default Max on the move: vacation June 28/30-July 4

Hi guys,

I will be going on vacation for most or all of next week. It's not yet finalized whether I'll be leaving on the 28th or the 30th (though it's leaning towards the 30th). I will be returning late on the 4th.

I will have little, if any internet access during this trip. What little access there is will be dial-up, which will probably only be good enough to log into my computer remotely and check to see if the PRPnet clients are still running. If last year was any indication, runs pitifully slow on dial-up (rather surprisingly, since it is a somewhat slim and trim site), so in all likelihood I won't be able to get on here.

If the GB servers go down, talk to Gary--he knows how to restart them. If you absolutely need to get a hold of me, though, your best bet is to email me at Email will probably be one thing that's relatively easier to check while I'm away.

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