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Originally Posted by Greenbank
Can someone else check this one. The list above stated None for n=50.

But the PARI script (isddp.txt) run against all known Octoproth's gave this:-

717083008036395 50 is DodecaProth! ... Left_legs=1, Rigth_legs=0.

Either there is a problem with dodeca_2_0.c or that PARI script:-

$ ../dodeca20 50 7170000000000000 7200000000000000
You can also find the k n values in results_dodeca.txt file ( These are 3-probable primes )
n=50, kmin=7170000000000000, kmax=7200000000000000, version=2.0
Starting the sieve...
Using the first 9 primes to reduce the size of the sieve array

The sieving is complete.
Number of Prp tests=1567
Time=22 sec.
That is a new dodecaproth! I think somebody made a mistake when he searched this n value ( for this he used your tables!).
For my program: you have typed 10 times larger number than original!!!
Try again. For me it is correctly found this number!
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