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Originally Posted by Madpoo View Post
For whatever reason, there were a couple hundred exponents that had matching residues, but their shift counts were the same so they were (fortunately) kept as unverified.

I think we were figuring these were mostly mistaken, as a result of someone trying to turn in the same thing twice by accident... some may have come in manually via the emails George used to get.

At any rate, the system in place now looks for the same shift count and I don't think it even accepts it, so mostly the ones in the data are older/smaller. I took it upon myself to do the DC work on these, and they've all matched so far except this one. So I'm glad different shifts are required.

If you are saying what I think you are saying then that would point to a bug in the software. Having two different people get the same incorrect residue is extremely unlikely if it is due to errors on their respective systems. So the alternative explanation is that the software has a bug.
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