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Question compiling ggnfs in Linux

I'm trying to compile the ggnfs program ( It uses gmp, but it seems the software was not upgraded since 2006, therefore uses an old version of gmp (version 4.x). So it didn't compile with my newer version 5.0.5 ( in a Fedora 18 distribution). I think the problem is these.
The concrete error it report (after 'make nocona') while compiling is a "conflict type for ‘__gmpz_mul_si’". So in the gmp header /usr/include/gmp-x86_64.h it is:
#define mpz_mul_si __gmpz_mul_si
__GMP_DECLSPEC void mpz_mul_si __GMP_PROTO ((mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, long int));
But in the ggnfs file ./src/lasieve4/gmp-aux.c is declared:
void mpz_mul_si(mpz_t x, mpz_t y, long int z)
  if (z < 0) {
    mpz_mul_ui(x, y, (unsigned long) (-z));
    mpz_neg(x, x);
  } else {
    mpz_mul_ui(x, y, (unsigned long) z);

Could anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong? If there are new patches for ggnfs or something like that?
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