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I think it's time to give up on oil. the gulf oil spill the yellow sea? oil spill and now a pipe leak in Michigan. until we have a foolproof system to get at it and reuse it I say we give up on oil.
Unfortunately, giving up oil is a thing which can't be done within a short period of time - it rather seems to be a process which will last a few decades.

Examples: Cars have to be developed which are not fueled by oil (do you know any electric car which is ready for mass production - except the Tesla Roadster which can't be afforded by average people)

gasolines have to be converted for for recharging batteries of electric cars

power plants have to be built which don't run on fossil fuel. (and NO, nuclear power isn't a solution - Harrisburg and Chernobyl have shown that it isn't foolproof either)
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