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I don't think Prime95 per se would run on it since something like that's most likely not on Windows, but something at should be able to run it. Which depends on the OS.

I don't know how fast it'd run, but I'd recommend running a different number on each core to maximize parallelization. GIMPS has 38527 cores classified as P4 (includes P4, Core 2, and any other fairly new Intel chip), so I doubt your 64 would be a very large percentage, but hey it'd be quite a bit of processing power and would be much appreciated.

Also, be sure to read this disclaimer posted on the Download page:
Disclaimers: It is up to you to get your employer's permission before installing this software on any office machines. Many companies have a strict policy against running any non-business software. ... You should decide beforehand how you are going to split any prize money if you are using a company, friend's, or co-worker's machine.
There's some other disclaimer-type thing saying that you need to have it in writing with your company, since it could cost them a lot in power and cooling costs. With such a powerful machine, I doubt it's yours personally, so you need to be very sure you have permission to run it. It will use a lot of power and make a lot of heat that will need to be cooled to run such a powerful computer 100% 24/7, so make sure your company/the owner of this is willing to take that bill.
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