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Originally Posted by jasong View Post
This is what I get when I type make:
arithmetic64.o:arithmetic64.c:(.text+0xccd): undefined reference to `_sqrtl'
sqrtl() is a standard C99 library function, it should be included by -lm.

You could try running `make CFLAGS=-ffast-math' to try to get GCC to use the built-in version of sqrtl() instead of the library version.

Otherwise it is probably safe to replace each occurance of `sqrtl' with `sqrt' in bsgs.c and arithmetic64.c provided none of your sequences k*b^n+c have k or |c| greater than 2^52.

edit: BTW it would be a good idea to add -Wall to the CFLAGS too. Run `make CFLAGS=-Wall' or `make CFLAGS="-Wall -ffast-math"' to do this.

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