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Meanwhile, this reminds me: when we move all the servers over to Gary's forthcoming new server, we'll have a conflict between the port numbers for GB4000 and the current IB4000. Ian, would it work okay on your end if we moved GB4000 to a new port number sometime in the near future? It's somewhat of an arbitrary decision as to which one to move (since each one has one person on it at this time, each with about the same # of machines), but I'm leaning towards moving GB4000 since putting that on port 7000 would line things up rather nicely with the fact that this is Team Drive #7 (not that it matters much, but in an arbitrary decision, you have to draw the line somewhere). If so, is there any particular time when it would be most convenient for me to do the move?
No problem. Just let me know when to change. Just be sure that the email notification works on the new port because I really don't check those cores manually.

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