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Originally Posted by pinhodecarlos View Post
Here's a question.

k=9 already tested to 5M
k=11 already tested to 4M
k=19 already tested to 5M
k=23 already tested to 5M
k=29 already tested to 4M
k=63 already tested to 4M

Wouldn't be wise to take these k's from the sieve file? How much speed would be gained? For proth side a few k´s below 300 probably are also done to 4M and 5M.


We do not use any sievefile. We sieve 5<k<9999 3M<n<6M in a given P range.
It is not faster with a sievefile and lets say you have 2000 computer downloading ~300Mb every month.

Even if we sieved with a sievefile those k you say we should remove will not make any speedincrease anyone would notice.

There are 4998 k's both +1 and -1 so removing those k's will not make any difference.

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