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Input file was

n: 1248763129719355523107879850580906737073652359373784929661233741389327470271436463810348813
skew: 269019.30
Y0: -4938227649481593747717
Y1: 517398632491
c0: -871341534477377379017980
c1: 69959334784958737916
c2: 186442429493209
c3: -1091661800
c4: 2100
alim: 1000000
and it looks as if gnfs-lasieve4I13e -a input.file -f 1000000 -c 45000 will generate in about four hours enough relations to show the problem. Which is probably logistically easier than uploading 1.8GB through the straws I have ...

I did

mv msieve.dat msieve.dat.0
egrep -v ":.*1[0-9a-f]{8}" msieve.dat.0 > msieve.dat

which I think removes the 33-bit primes, but am still getting the 'dependency does not form a congruence of squares!' errors.

I'm wondering if there might be a signed/unsigned int32 issue somewhere;

mv msieve.dat msieve.dat.1
egrep -v ":.*[89abcdef][0-9a-f]{7}" msieve.dat.1 > msieve.dat
so I'm only working with 31-bit large primes gives no errors, and indeed gives factors on the fourth dependency

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