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Color me "surprised". Instead of opening the b-file right away, they moved [URL=""][B]19 ... Ba6[/B][/URL].

Our deadline is 11 Feb 9:21 GMT.

[I][U]We've already analyzed this position, while considering our 18th move![/U][/I]
[QUOTE=cheesehead;364663][B]18 a4[/B]
< snip >

18 ... b4
19 Nd2 Ba6 20 Rf2 and 21 Bf1 wins the c-pawn.[/QUOTE]
Do we really win the c-pawn?

Time for closer scrutiny, while not neglecting worthy alternatives.

Our candidates are:

[B]20 Rf2[/B]

[B]20 Ne4[/B]

- - -

(plus 32 other legal moves that might or might not have hitherto-unnoticed virtue:

Feel free to skip this part!

This may seem ridiculous, but once in a while it can be a useful exercise to examine every legal move at ones disposal - to clear the cobwebs. So, humor me a while ... if you're actually reading this instead of skipping it.

20 b3 allows 20 ... cxb3 attacking our rook. If 21 Rf2 would be good then, why not 20 Rf2 instead?
20 cxb4 allows 20 ... c3 attacking both rook and knight. No good.
20 d5 -- 20 ... exd5 would make us wonder why we bothered protecting the e5-pawn with d4 earlier. It would give our B/e3 some Q-side scope but ... No.
20 g4 -- deterring ... Nf5 isn't important as long as that would leave the N/c6 [I]en prise[/I] with check.
20 h3 or 20 h4 -- if either has any value, surely it could wait until later to be played.
20 Ra2 or 20 Rb1 or 20 Rc1 --- if has value, surely could wait until later.
20 Ra3 -- Just say no.
20 Nf2 -- Isn't this best left at d1 to protect b2/c3/e3 for right now?
20 Nb1 or 20 Nb3 or Nxc4 -- Just say no.
20 Nf3 -- no redeeming value.
20 any move of the B/e3 -- no redeeming value.
20 Bxc6+ -- needs to be kept in mind for later.
20 Bd5 -- No.
20 Be4 or Bf3 -- just gets in the way of the N/d2 or R/f1
20 Bh3 -- needs to be kept in mind for possible later use.
20 Bh1 -- no redeeming value.
20 Re1 -- leave this rook on the f-file, please.
20 Rf3-4-5-6 or xf7 -- not now.
20 K moves -- can only get in the way
Okay, I got that out of my system.)

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