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[QUOTE=cheesehead;359634]just swing out our other bishop: 19 Bh3

[STRIKE] Then 19 ... Nxe3 just helps us develop:[/STRIKE]
Then 19...h6 (followed by Rhg8) just helps us die... :smile: (well, not really, but we have to move Kf2, the d1 horse is completely blocked, what we do if they push c4 then?) (The rest of your analysis is based on the (wrong) black 19 reply).

@WMH: 15. a4 b4 16. Nd2, what we reply to 16...Ba6?(c4 is bad, because 17...Nd4, with attack on c2 or e2), we need to move the rook, then black Nec6 is how they maybe could win the game...)

I may be wrong... but I don't like any of those... I think I said already before, about playing directly 15 Nd2, would be required in case they could break the pawns on the queen side. But they can not, or at least I couldn't find how, so my suggestion is to forget the queen side for now. Let them move there first.

We have now to see how we attack the king side, which, as you said, we are preparing since the dark age...

I am digging on Ra2, Rc1, Re1, Rf2, and e5 right now. Those seems to be the most promising moves. Rf2 is triple-target, as it is also defending b2, and makes the space for the king to get out from the links, without putting it in the middle of the board, and e5 and Re1 is where the breach would be (column e). But we have to be sure this is good, before choosing a "safer" version like a4.
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