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You can cut off[COLOR=Red][B] g4[/B][/COLOR] from the list. I went deeper into it, as a preparing move to move e5, and it is very bad for us:

[B][COLOR=Red]15. g4[/COLOR][/B] They are not obliged to play our game, they have a "shut up" replay: 15... f5, from which all following moves are forced (if any player don't play the sequence, is very bad for him!): 16. gxf5 gxf5 (taking with e pawn is much worse) 17. e5 dxe5 18. fxe5 - an here is the trick, I was thinking they will save the pawn in c, but again, they may sacrifice it: Rg8 (!) very strong move! Because if we now capture: 19. Bxc5 Nxe5 20. Nxe5 Bxe5 21. Rf2 Again, everything forced, otherwise they lose bad, or we lose a bishop for free. They have now the sente, and after 21.f4 they have unstopable free pawn, and we have a linked bishop (which they may capture in few moves, if we don't waste few moves to get the king out of the link).

So,[COLOR=Red][B] g4[/B] [/COLOR]is a BAD! move. I am not so convinced that e4 alone (i.e. without g4) is good now, because of their Nf5. In fact, everything depend if they can penetrate on b-c columns. To attack c5, our [B][COLOR=Lime]15.d4[/COLOR] [/B]seems to be a good move, but need more thinking. In fact, if they brought sustainance to the b-c pawns, they may try to penetrate there. The question is "can they penetrate"? or make a free pawn there? or take some of our heavy pieces to the grave with those pawns? If so, then either Nd2/Rf2/d4 should be the way to go, bring more artillery to b-c area or try to hit the support behind enemy lines (c5). But if they can not go through (which is my impression: they can't do anything on a-b-c, they don't have not enough "equipment", support from the back, they would need a queen there!), so if not, then we can ignore the queen side and get a nice sente in attacking the king side. For that, e5 should be a very good start. Here we need more thinking, if e5 is "viable" with f5 uncovered. They may not do dxe5, but try to hit us in the back. Can we fulfill the attach without bishop? Otherwise the game is plain draw... This in case they don't transform the pawn in c :razz: which we have now no bishop to take it...

I didn't look deeper to a4/b4/etc moves. Tomorrow, if Mrs. [STRIKE]Columbo[/STRIKE] LaurV doesn't have different plans...

edit: [COLOR=Purple][B]15. a4[/B][/COLOR] (?!?) is dubious: they can refuse capturing and push b4, [U]we can't capture[/U], because after 15. a4 b4 16.cxb4 Nxb4 we will be forced to defend d3, with 17. Ne1, and we lose the influence in center, block both horses, and can't get rid of the black horse in b3 anymore (really bad for us), therefore, after 15...b4 we must do 16. c4, Nd4 and we either lose or starting exchange material in d4, sure way to a draw, but it may be a loss because their king is better protected and their abc pawns are stronger and more advanced. Or maybe not... Here is why I say 15. a4 is dubious.

edit2: [COLOR=Red][B]15.b3[/B][/COLOR] is bad! it lets them to push b4, we have to exchange because no support for pawns in a3 and c3, they make a free pawn (I know, nobody proposed b3, but just to make sure nobody else wastes time with it!). And so it is [COLOR=Red][B]15. c4[/B][/COLOR], bad. After bxc4,we helped them to get a free column (b) and they still can do Nd4, but now after exchanges, they will have a free pawn in d4!

edit3: [COLOR=Red][B]b4[/B][/COLOR] - even worse! grrrr! axb4, axb4, cxb4, we can't capture as we lose the rook, Bxa1. We can cover with e5, but then he exchange all there, get the pawn in c3, and have [U]two [/U]free pawns (in b, and either d or e). They can also do 16..Nxb4, and we still can't capture, because need to get off link.

edit4: indeed, in all those pawn-mini-wars, they get free pawns. I think we better let the pawns undisturbed, and play somewhere else...

Nighty-night for now...

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