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Originally Posted by nomead View Post
In this case, gaming benchmarks are completely irrelevant because of architectural improvements between Pascal (GTX10) and Turing (GTX16 / RTX20) cards. The 1650 has about 46% of the CUDA cores of the 2060, and in factoring use, the slower memory doesn't matter. So a rough guesstimate would give about 750-800 GHzd/day depending on the clock speed. If it's the 75W version without a PCIe power connector, it probably won't go that high, possibly closer to 700. Still, that would put it in GTX 1070 territory, but just for this one workload (mfaktc).
Yeah. I know gaming don't have anything to do with this. It's just to compare different cards.

For what I can read the 1660ti does perform for tf as the 1070. Not the 1650. The 1650 have 900 CUDA cores the 1660 have 1400 and the 1660ti have around 1500.

The gaming benchmarks shows the performance difference between cards and it is roughly the same difference as it performs in TF.

1650 is the worst card Nvidia have released ever. And as I wrote. If you want to upgrade from 1050 go with the 1660.
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