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Originally Posted by axn View Post
I believe the 1660s also lack RTX cores (aka Ray Tracing), hence they are called GTX. Don't quote me on it, though.

I would really like somebody to take one for the team, and test out a 1650 on TF. It could turn out to be the most value for money for this workload.
Ooooh. Yeah. After some more reading I got it wrong. 1660 supports ray tracing but without RT cores.

However 1650 is about 30% less performance than 1060 and 30% more than 1050. So to build a new system it can absolutely be a good choise with the 1650. But to upgrade from 1050 I would go for 1660.
1660 =200$ for 100% more performance
1650= 130-140 for 30% more performance

Sry for misinformation in the last post. 1660 don't have rt cores.
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