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320k FFT timings on 5820k, still all stock settings for CPU/memory: 127 @4950k

1x: 1.182 ms
2x: 1.201 ms
3x: 1.255 ms
4x: 1.255 ms
5x: 1.30 ms
6x: 1.36 ms

The 5 and 6 core tests had more variety among the timings, so I rounded to the hundredth.

Memory default is 2133mhz; my set is rated and XMP'ed at 2666, but I can't POST with any alterations to any settings. Does anyone have ideas for some weird setting (gigabyte X99-UD4 board) that interferes with even simple OCing (e.g. XMP profile on)? I would be pleased to find timings not increase for 5 and 6 cores at 5M if the memory were set to XMP profile/rated speed.

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