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Carlos PM'ed to ask about 5820k benchmarks, thought this thread the proper place to respond:
5820k @ stock settings 3.3Ghz, 4x4GB RAM at stock 2133mhz. Power readings from kill-a-watt at wall plug.
Tests are run on k=45 at 2M, 120k FFT size.
Idle 65W
1x LLR 93W, 0.433 ms/iteration
2x LLR 114W, 0.435 ms/iter
3 through 6 were all the same speed; perhaps a bit of turboclock for 1-2 cores used?
6x LLR 185W, 0.456 ms/iter

I then fired up 6 copies of ECM (B1 = 25M, 169 digit number). LLR slowed to 0.800 ms/iter. Half-speed would be 0.912, so I gain 12-13% total throughput with 6x LLR and 6x ECM. Power use dropped to 180W.

My core2quad at 3.3ghz drew 170W with the same video card (I didn't know 5820 had no onboard video, so grabbed the ancient card from the quad to get it up while I order a real one).

The memory is rated for 2666mhz, and the CPU has a water block, so I'll mess with overclocking and report results when available. I'll also get a n=4M run later, to see if memory saturates on bigger FFTs.

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