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The four-socket Opteron system I have cost me £4344 in April 2011

£1589 for the chassis and SSD
£1075 for sixteen 4G DIMMs
£1680 (special price) for four 1.9GHz Opteron 6168

For comparable performance on GNFS sieving, I'd now need two and a half Haswell 4770 boxes; I would have change from £2000 even if I bought three. And for linear algebra the i7-4930K box is no slower than running 48-way MPI on the Opteron, and much less disruptive (because I have to reboot the Opteron and lose all the state in the jobs on it to make the MPI work at full efficiency).

So I'd not really recommend large servers; you're paying more for the convenience than it's worth. Having 64G of memory available all at once is occasionally very useful, but you can now do that on a single-socket Socket 2011 platform.

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