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Originally Posted by IronBits View Post
It is a hot year every where.
Just read that some scientists are saying there will be no floating ice left at the north pole by September of this year :yikes:
yeah, I was just reading that too. Really some seriously hosed up weather all over. Look at all the heavy snow fall, the heavy rains and resulting flooding around the planet. And not to forget the really active tornadoes in the US this year too.

Of course we in the US are watching our severely impacted economic situation closely, but ours isn't the only one taking some serious hits either. While we have the added catastrophe of the flooding in the mid-west, China has taken some serious financial hits too from the heavy flooding damage there. Lots of other weather related issues around the planet too.

For those that follow the Mayan(?) calendar thing about the end coming in 2012??? What is supposed to cause it?
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