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good = verified good results
bad = verified bad results
uv2 = results needing a 2nd check
uv3 = results needing a 3rd or higher check
uv3h = uv3 results that also had a "harmful" error code

uv3h	uv3	uv2	bad	good	user ID/computer ID
----	---	---	---	----	-------------------
uv3h is significant because if you have a lot of triple checks pending, it could be because your computer is bad, or it could be your computer is good but you did a lot of double-checking of error-prone machines.

A high ratio of uv3h/uv3 would probably indicate a bad machine, whereas a low ratio might be a sign that it's a machine that did a lot of double-checking of error-prone machines.

See for instance GW/P4-2000, which 42 triple-checks pending (uv3) but 0 of them with harmful error codes (uv3h).

Right now, for purposes of doing early double-checking, an error-prone machine has to have >= 0.333 error rate -- bad/(bad+good) -- and bad >=2 to avoid statistical flukes. Next time we do an early error-prone-checking release, I'll come up with a proposal to identify exponents based on uv3h with data to back it up.
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