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Default Counting on Fingers

I didn't want to derail a thread in the soapbox, so I'm starting a new one here

Originally Posted by xilman
There's a story behind my choice of icon. I learned to count in binary on my fingers many years ago and can tally things at a reasonable speed --- at least 2Hz. I can also add and subtract in binary, though much more slowly.

Some years ago I was demonstrating this skill to Phil Carmody. He sent me the animated GIF a while later. He's recently sent me a much more realistic counting hand, but I fear it is rather too big for use as an icon.

I remember discovering how to count on binary, but I never really used it to much effect, and since I learned sign language, I can count much much further than 32 on one hand. Maybe you should learn ASL numbers, Paul :)

(ponders creating an ASL counting avatar)
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