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Originally Posted by Kosmaj
I'd like to suggest that posts in Octo/Dodeca-Proth reservation threads are not removed any more. These are forum threads, not web pages. Telling about one's search experience like this one is interesting and entertaining both to old and potentially new users. Furthermore, it's easy to mistakenly remove reports about found primes. Currently, for example, smh's report about found OctoProths for n=197 is missing.

It will be good to hear what the others think about this and other project related issues.
OK, you raise some good points and I hope everyone realises that I'm not trying to run this thing as some kind of evil dictator. You'll notice both robert44444uk and Dougy are both moderators for this forum too.

The reason for keeping that thread clean is that it makes it much easier for people to see which n's are not reserved. I can't be around 24 hours a day to keep the reservation post up to date so the alternative is to wade through some 30 posts to see if the specific n has been reserved by someone else or even results posted for it without a reservation.

For Dodecaproths this isn't too bad as there are much fewer dodecaproths than octoproths for a specific n, but for the Octoproth thread it will quickly become unreadable.

How about this for a compromise. I will create another 2 threads to hold the posts that were 'deleted' from the reservation threads (both octo and dodeca). Inside these will be all of the results posted, plus the reservations and the general history amongst us searchers.

The posts that I have already deleted are not really deleted, they are just hidden from view to non-moderators. I can easily resurrect them and move them to these new threads. Indeed, if it was a case of permanently deleting them I would probably have gone with this method anyway, I don't like deleting information.

I had intended the website to be up and running by now, all of the Octoproths found would be entered into the underlying database and available for all to search and download.

Due to the sheer number of some we have found (n=55 is almost complete and the count stands at 583061 already) listing them all on a website is not viable.

Later on today I'll post some ideas on how I want to present the information on the website, and how this would link in to picking ranges to reserve. I'll do this in a separate thread to make it easier to follow the conversation.

While I'm on the subject please, everyone, feel free to create new threads if you have a new idea, a new direction, a new this or that. Don't feel you have to keep posting in one of the current threads, we have loads of space!

Thoughts everyone?
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