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[QUOTE=WMHalsdorf;367305]My problem with 21.Nd6+ Kd7 22. Nxf7 is Black's reply of Nf5.

A deep analysis of Nc5 is called for in this position since the Knight can't be easily be removed and disrupts Black's movements on the queen's side and makes it possible to capture the pawn on c4.[/QUOTE]Right-o on both. I was much too hasty when finishing up my preceding post.

[QUOTE=LaurV;367309]Also, my feeling is that you are not fair with Nc5**, giving it only one point.[/QUOTE]Right-o.

I withdraw my previous move votes.

[quote]Back to 21 Nc5, where do they put the bishop?[/quote]No matter where, they're not going to play Nf5 soon without losing a knight, unless they first stash the N/c6 on the edge somewhere for safety. (If 21 ... Bb7, the N/c6 is not yet safe because of our possible Nxb7.)

Also, Nc5 prevents their king from coming to the defense of their N/c6 in a single move.

[quote]If I look more to this move, I start to like it more. After 21 Nc5, bishop somewhere, or rook defends bishop[/quote](the latter of which places the rook on the long diagonal reaching from g2)

[quote]We have to analyze deeper here.[/quote]Yes, and we still have four days to do so.

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