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After [B]20 Nd4 O-O 21 Nf6+ Bxf6[/B] there is an alternative to 22 exf6:
[B]22 Rxf6[/B].

Here, 22 ... Nd5 would lose a piece after 23 Bxd5 exd5 24 Rxc6.

But what if 22 ... Nf5, trapping our rook? First, it leaves a knight [I]en prise[/I]: 23 Bxc6. Our rook is temporarily safe because Black's dark-square bishop is gone. Furthermore, we have possibilities to persuade the f5 knight to move (g4) or to capture it (Be4-f5) such that re-capture with a pawn will free our rook one way or another. In the worst case, Rxf5 leaves us with two pieces for the rook, and Black with doubled f-pawns. Alternatively, Bxh6 would force Black to release our rook if he wants to take the B/h6 with the N/f5.
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