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I went through all your analysis from the last post. I fully agree that Ne4 is much better that Rf2. But now, if you talk about Rb3, we could avoid it if we play [B]20.Nf2[/B]. This is at least as good as Rf2, if not better. Lets see: Now, after ...bxc3, 21.bxc3 they cant play the rook to b3, so most probably 21...Nd5 (not many choices here...) and then 22. Nf2e4, we stay very good now. The problem is they could play 20...Nd5 first. Then what? 21.Nf2e4, they can't take the bishop, because Nd6 and rook take f7, black is dead. But still, after 21...castling, we may Nf6 (already discussed, but it was the other horse, what is different now?? do we need to defend the bishop and need to lose moves retreating it, or we can ignore it and continue the attach?)

BRB, this version is very interesting...

[edit, well, they can defend the f7 pawn with 21..Nd8, we most probably have to move/defend the bishop, and d2 is busy by the horse, so only Ra1e1 makes sense, as retreating Bf2 is bad, it blocks the rook, etc. So, this version is worse than 20.Rf2]

We should play 20.Ne4 now. I mean, not right now, but just saying that Ne4 is the best move we can do in this position.

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