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After looking at the situation from the Black side, I'm now pretty sure that the response will be
[B]19 ... bxc3[/B], which can cause us more trouble than any other line that we optimistically discussed before.

20 Nxc3 is inadequate, for reasons mentioned above.
20 Ne4 threatens, but we have to always keep in mind that Black will continue to maraud with his advanced pawn via cxb2 or, worse, c2, just as soon as he possibly can.
At first, 20 ... cxb2 looks like it would almost be a favor if it didn't swallow another of our pawns, but 21 Nd6+ Kd7 22 Nxb2 Ba6 23 Rxf7 and now
23 ... c3 24 Rxg7 cxb2 (don't often see that move notation twice in one game) 25 Rb1 Bd3 turns ugly.
Or 23 ... Rxb2 24 Rxg7 Bd3 25 Be4 Bxe4 26 Nxe4 c2 27 Nc3 Nb4 28 Rf7 Nd3 29 R7f1 Nf5 30 Bd2 Nxd4 threatening 31 ... Nb3 and 32 c1/Q 33 Bxc1 Nbxc1 34 R(either)xc1 Nxc1 35 Rxc1 Rc8 etc.
So, we can't snap up the f-pawn right away.
Try: 23 N2xc4 Rb4 24 Rfc1 Rhb8 25 Bxc6+ Nxc6 with even material and Black having initiative.

So, I think we have to do [b]20 bxc3[/b].
20 ... Ba6 gets us to LaurV's line: 21 Ne4 O-O 22 Nf6+ etc. so Black has to do something else.
20 ... O-O unless there's something better.

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