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[QUOTE=LaurV;365520][B]21.Nf6![/B] and so much for the victory, they can't move the king without losing a rook (and the game), so 21...Bxf6 (must), 22.exf6 Nd5 (must, otherwise black is losing one of the horses), 22.Bxh6, and that is our pawn plus.[/QUOTE]Right. Thanks.
[quote]Their only reasonable continuation is what I said: 19...0-0 first. There is no other way out of it, I am almost sure that we can sure-win any other continuation (no deterministic proof, but well... look to the board!)[/quote]Here's a continuation I failed to respect earlier:
[B]19 ... bxc3[/B] (not 19 ... b3?) and now Black has opened the b-file in front of his rook.

20 Nxc3 would immediately restore communication between our rooks, but leave our b-pawn exposed and, worse, allow ... Nb4 and ... Nd3. Ugh.

[B]20 Ne4[/B] threatens Nd6+ winning the f-pawn but
20 ... O-O avoids that and now 21 Nf6+ doesn't win the h-pawn because after 21 ... Bxf6 22 exf6, 22 ... Nf5 is feasible. 23 Bf4 Rbc8 24 bxc3 g5 25 Bd2 and 26 Ne3 looks solid for us, but Black may have something better along this way.
If 20 ... Nb4 21 Nd6+ Kd7 22 Nxf7 Rh7 so we can't take the h-pawn, but 23 Bxb7 (to prevent ... Ba6) Rxb7 24 Nd6 Rc7 25 Nb5 cxb2 26 Nxb2 R/c7-moves 27 Rbc1 and we're gonna git that c-pawn after all.

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