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[QUOTE=cheesehead;365501]If [B]19 ... Ba6 20 Ne4 O-O 21 Nc5 Ra8, [/B]Black may be able to defend all pawns in this line.[/QUOTE]
Nc5? This is weak here. He might defend the bishop wit Ra8, or move it to c8, and we didn't gain much, we help them to centralize that bishop, as c4 is not threaten anymore, and we need 2-3 moves to get back the threat. We can be more aggressive here: [B]21.Nf6![/B] and so much for the victory, they can't move the king without losing a rook (and the game), so 21...Bxf6 (must), 22.exf6, Nd5 (must, otherwise black is losing one of the horses), 22.Bxh6, and that is our pawn plus. This continuation (19...Ba6 first, then 0-0 [U]after[/U]) is hell for black. Their only reasonable continuation is what I said: 19...0-0 first. There is no other way out of it, I am almost sure that we can sure-win any other continuation (no deterministic proof, but well... look to the board!)

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