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They pushed their b-pawn instead of capturing, so we can discard all analysis of ... bxa4.

Extending our skimpy previous analysis after [B]18 a4 b4[/B]:

[B]19 Nd2[/B]
[B]19 ... Ba6 20 Rf2 Rc8 21 Bf1 Na7[/B] and the c4-pawn has two defenders.

Try: 22 b3?! bxc3 23 Nxc4 (threatens Nd6+) Bxc4 24 Bxc4 and now it may not be easy to win the c3-pawn while our d-pawn is vulnerable (e.g., 24 ... Nf5 25 Rc2 Nxe3 26 Nxe3 Nc6 28 Bb5 O-O 29 Rd1 Nb4 30 R2c1 c2 31 Rd2)

Better is 22 cxb4 axb4 23 Rc1 Nd5 24 Nxc4 Nxe3 (removes the R/c1's defender, so now not 25 Ncxe3?? Rxc1 26 Bxa6 losing the Exchange) 25 Ndxe3

(to be continued)

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