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(The following was composed two days ago. So, some may be out-of-date.
I've had trouble making connections, on my end, in order to post this.
So, my votes are at bottom in case I don't connect again by our
deadline on Saturday.)

Considering LaurV's seven move candidates in vote order:

[B]18 a4[/B]

[QUOTE=LaurV;364504]There are 3 possibilities for black: bxa4, b4, or Ba6.[/QUOTE]

18 ... bxa4
19 Rxa4 Ba6 20 Nd2 wins the c-pawn.

18 ... b4
19 Nd2 Ba6 20 Rf2 and 21 Bf1 wins the c-pawn.

18 ... Ba6 19 Nd2 and 20 Ne4 is threatening.

[quote]The horse? 18..Na7 19.axb5 Nxb5 20. Nd2 has the same fate.
[/quote]20 Rxa5 may be stronger here. :-)

[B]18 Nd2[/B]
18 ... Nf5 19 Ne4 Nxe3 20 Nxe3 O-O 21 Nc5

[B]18 Nf2[/B] doesn't look good:
A possibility: 18 ... Nf5 19 Bd2 Nce7 and now 20 Ne4 is not feasible.

[B]18 g4[/B] Best left at g3 for now.

[B]18 Rb1[/B] [QUOTE=LaurV;364437]With Rb1 we counter their a4 (after Rb1, a4, Nd2, Na5, Ne4, their side looks not so good anymore)[/QUOTE]

Does it look better after 18 ... a4 19 Nd2 Na5 20 Ne4 O-O ?

21 Nf6+ may not be all that good: ... Bxf6 (not ... Kh8 22 Nd7 rook-fork) 22 exf6 Nf5 (defends the h-pawn and attacks its attacker) then what for White? (If 23 Bf4 Bxg2 24 Kxg2 (not 24 Bxb8 losing a piece)

If 21 Nc5 Rfd8 22 Nf2 (intending Ne4)

[B]18 Rc1[/B] [quote]with Rc1 we counter Nd5[/quote]Well, then wait for Nd5 to reposition this rook.

[B]18 Bd2[/B] [quote](??! this is extremely defensive, brings nothing good, they will not push to get in the trap)[/quote]LaurV, you forgot my note: [quote](intending Ne3)[/quote] Bd2 is simply making way for the offensive redeployment Nf3, not trying to set some trap.

But I agree that 18 a4 looks best.

My current vote:

18 a4 - 5
18 Nd2 - 4
18 Rb1 - 2
18 Rc1 - 1
18 Bd2 - 1

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