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Well, it's less than 7 hours until the deadline for our move 17.

I've looked a long time at 17 a4, as you requested, LaurV. It may be okay, but it gives Black more chances on the Q-side with 17 ... b4 than if we kept our a-pawn where it is.

I'm comfortable with 17 d4, Halsdorf is comfortable with d4, and it doesn't actually rule out a later a4 push (although that would have more impact with the d-pawn able to take the c-pawn). It does leave us with weaker squares at d3 and e4, but Black's going to have lots of trouble exploiting them, and e5 will be much stronger for us.

So, I'm sending the move

[b]17 d4[/b]

to Batalov via PM. Although we don't yet have 100% absolutely unquestioned agreement from the Gekkos about the adjournment procedure, this PM will timestamp our move and Batalov can post that timestamp for the Gekkos information.

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