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Brian is consulting with his team about the adjournment proposal. No reply as of a few minutes ago.

- -

Meanwhile, I've decided that LaurV's confuse-them-by-offering-yet-another-pawn-capture move a4 is at least as good as consolidate-the-center move d4 for us.

However, Black has another reply to a4 we haven't yet considered, and it may be better than 17 ... cxd3 or 17 ... Nxe5 :

[B]17 a4 b4[/B]
I don't think they'll just let us tear up their Q-side pawns on our terms.

[B]18 d4[/B] holds our central pawn spike together but 18 ... bxc3 19 bxc3 Nd5 seems to have nuisance value. However, that knight can't be in two places (i.e., Nf5) at once, so we could do 20 Ng5.
Now 20 ... f6 21 exf6 isn't a piece-fork ... but it still leaves their e-pawn undefended: 21 ... Bxf6 22 Nxe6 ... which in turn leaves their N/d5 undefended and attacked by our B/g2. If the N/d5 moves, that would leave the B/f6 [I]en prise[/I].

Here the Black king can advance to join in, with 22 ... Ke7 but that would take away a repositioning square for their N/c6 23 Nc5

Suppose instead 18 ... bxc3 19 bxc3 Nf5. Kinda familiar on the K-side. Now 20 Rb1 threatens winning a piece with 21 Ng5 and 22 Bxc6+. 20 ...Kd7 shores up Black's position a little. 21 Ng5 f6 22 exf6 Bxf6 23 g4 Nxe3 24 Rxf6 Nxg2 25 Kxg2 Nxd4+ 26 Rxb7+ Rxb7 27 cxd4 Rb6 28 Rf7+ and 29 R or N takes h7. Could be an interesting endgame, but I sense that Black may be better here.

[b]18 cxb4[/b]

I'm still looking at Black responses here ... but I'm preparing to leave to see a movie and don't have time for proper analysis now.

I'll be back this evening around 0200 GMT.

(Until then, I vote 17 d4 - 5 because it looks safest. Maybe after I can analyze Black responses to [b]17 a4 b4 18 cxb4[/b] I'll think 17 a4 is better.)
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