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(continued from preceding post)

[QUOTE]I bet they miss it too, this is not easy to see, but remember? "be aggressive!" hehe... Now, if we do 17.a4, they can not beat d3. If they do,[/QUOTE][B]17 a4 cxd3[/B]
[quote]18.axb5 Nxe5 (forced, no place for the horse) 19 Nxe5 Bxe5 and with either Ba7 first, or Rxa5 directly, we have recovered our pawn and have 3 (three!) free pawns on the b/c columns. This is heavy! It will be our game for sure.[/quote]Looks good.

[quote]Also: 17...bxa4, we still can push 18.d4[/quote][B]17 a4 bxa4
18 d4[/B]
[quote] - where your all analysis stands right, but this time we are *not* blocked on the queen's side, and they can not defend the pawn in a4 (both black pawns in "a" fall in few moves).

If they force the exchange first: 17.a4 Nxe5 18 Nxe5 Bxe5[/quote](Here we have the option of 19 Bf4 Bxf4 20 Rxf4 instead. Does this have merit?)

[quote]19.axb5 and we open the rook,[/quote][B]17 a4 Nxe5
18 Nxe5 Bxe5
19 axb5[/B]

[quote]they can not defend both c4 and a5 pawns,[/quote]If 19 ... Bc7 then 20 dxc4 and maybe 20 ... Nf5 21 Bg5 Nd6 22 Bf6 Rb8 (or O-O) 23 Ne3

[quote]therefore will exchange 19...cxd3 20.Rxa5, and again we have free pawns. [/quote]Looks good.

[quote]I think this version is better than playing directly d4.

So, my vote will be:
17.a4 - 5 points
17.d4 - 4 points
17.Ng5 - 3 points (this is a very interesting move too!)
other discussed moves except dxc4 - 1 point
17.dxc4 - zero (this looks very bad for me, and also from your analysis)

< snip >

(p.s.: maybe we can adjourn?[/quote]Excellent idea! I'll forward this to the "Vote Chess game 2" thread.

[quote]everybody will have christmas, or holidays, and it is not fun, at least for me, if I don't see and "feel" what you play. We can say on the public forum that we decided the move and we want the envelope to adjourn, the supermods are our witnesses that we will not change the move after we "voted" it - is that right?)[/quote]- - -

Excellent! I just posted that proposal, with slight change, on "Vote Chess game 2".

- - -

Now I just have to post my move vote here. /* thinking, thinking ... */

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