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Excellent ideas!
[QUOTE=LaurV;362326]I was looking to 17...a4 (in fact, I desperately searched some variant which is not in your analysis, hehe).[/quote]Thank you for not having the same blind spot as I did! Never thought about a4.

[quote]In this case, we can't play too much, queen side is totaly blocked, the only move which makes sense is 18.Ng5 then ...Nf5. [/quote]Just to be clear here, you're discussing
[b]17 d4 a4
18 Ng5 Nf5[/b]

[quote]Then what? 19.g4,Nxe3[/quote][U]Don't forget 19 ... Nh4[/U] instead!!
20 Nxf7 Nxg2 21 Nxh8 Nxe3 22 Nxe3 Bxh8 23 Rf2 Bg7 24 Raf1 Bh6 25 Ng2 and we'll have given our three former most-active pieces for doubled rooks but an awkward remaining knight. Black still has his white-square bishop staring at our king position, but also positional problems on his king-side.

But let's continue with
[b]17 d4 a4
18 Ng5 Nf5
19 g4 Nxe3[/b]
[quote]20Nxe3,Bh6 21.h4,Bxg5,hxg5,h6 23.gxh6 Rxh6, and we eliminated almost all pieces from the board hehe... This looks ok for us, I mean it is not a clear win, but it is not a lose either...[/quote]I'm not comfortable with that particular result.

[quote]Then I was thinking "what if we move a4 first?". We discussed a4 a bit during the former moves, but you forgot it here.[/quote]I certainly did.

(to be continued)
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