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Anyway, I now see our main line as:
[B]17 d4 f6 [/B]18 exf6 Bxf6 19 Bf4[/B] and Black's best is probably 19 ... Rd8 20 Nf2 and we can threaten with Rae1, Ne4 or g4.[/QUOTE]There's another possibly good move for Black's 17th:

[B]17 ... Nd5[/B]

18 Ng5 O-O 19 Bd2 Nce7 20 Ne4 Nf5 21 Nc5 Bc6 22 Nf2 but Black probably has something better along that way.

18 Bd2 f6 19 exf6 Bxf6 20 Ne3 Nxe3 21 Bxe3 looks okay for us
If 20 ... Nce7 21 Ng4 and 22 Rae1

- -

All in all, if Black challenges our e5 pawn with f6, he's left with a backward isolatee at e6.

I intend to post

[B]17 d4[/B]

as our move about/after 0300 GMT Thursday Dec 19 (= 0800 Thai time = 2200 EST Wednesday Dec 18) unless I hear otherwise from you guys before then.

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