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Originally Posted by SandStar
When are they?

I've let a pc run the project for a while and am now really looking forward of how it did.
Good question. Without knowing which PC you mean, it's hard to tell.

The usual cause of misplaced stats is that a client fails to register itself properly for one of a few different reasons. Its work is then lumped in with all the other "unknown" contributors.

Please let me know (email to or by posting on the forum) the following information: machine's guid, its name, the pool from which it is getting its tasks and the username you typed in when you ran nfsnetinit to get things set up. If you are running the Windows GUI version, the first three should be displayed there. If you are running the command line client, it should display the pool; the guid and machine name can be found in the file processors/config.txt. In both cases, I assume you know your own username.

Given that information, it should be fairly straightforward for one of us admins to track down your contributions and ensure that they are ascribed to you.

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